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From my international network  through my distributors , I am promotiong Italian Gourmet&French Wines Maison Montagnac Grand Crus et Petit Chateux,  through my interviews to personalities who are lovers of taste, handicrafts and international Gastronomy in the world, who want to show and promote it even more!

World Gourmet Tour

My mission is giving voice to distributors, producers, craftsmanship, actors of food&wine very selected through World Gourmet Tour, a singular and new tasting event always in evolution as the gastronomy.

Every time wine makers, distributors, selected chef, has the opportunity to promote themselves, with their stories, through a continuous dialogue with the public, traveling with their passport from one country to another, tasting wonderful products, discovering their origins, their evolution and their innovation.

I give the opportunity to winemakers and companies, to open up new international markets, to promote their products through my Tasting Events, with a strategic distribution, networks and channels.

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Taste is the reason which accompanies us throughout life, all, or nearly all, dear friends and taste lovers! I would like to let you live fun moments with people who share the worship of the good wine and a passion for the simple cuisine, but with quality.

Interview, Narrate, Connect

Interview, relate, divulge and connect projects and people, chefs, wine producers, actors in its history, protagonists of a new or old project.

Through dialogue, we narrate stories of producers, winemakers, both small and big, of excellence, architects of the precious reality of the territory, speaking of aroma, flavor, quality and tradition with curiosity and interest to be promoted and get more visibility abroad by Italian distribution networks.

All this through the vivid stories of its protagonists.

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