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Global Career Coach 4.0

Put your career in expert hands, your own.

Are you hearing back from your network about job opportunities?

We put you in the driving seat, so that you can actively participate in your future.

How many jobs have you viewed or applied to this week? Versus Traditional headhunters, who find candidates for companies, we help you to  achieve more visibility, through a bigger professional network to get you to the right opportunity.

We do not wait for companies to come to us, we contact them, so that when a position opens up we are ready to offer them the perfect candidate, You.

We are not compete with Headhunters, we collaborate with the best headhunters, without asking them any fees.

At NB we offer Tailor-made program that support you in creating the career path you wish. Within NB Consulting,  we are the EXPERTS in helping you tell your story.

Whether you are ready for a move now or are looking ahead and considering what may be your next steps, we can help you to ensure that in this increasingly dynamic and fast paced world your cv will reach the right people at the right time.

We create the right contacts, open new channels  finding creative solutions to help you achieve the right career move.

How it works

We start with a meeting to discuss your needs, aspirations and the best strategies to get you the position you want. (Meeting can be held in person or on Skype, we can work together wherever you are)

We use our extensive network and different communication channels to create  connections to find you the opportunities you are looking for.

Throughout the process we communicate with you, letting you know where we are in the search, inform you of any new leads etc. We will also provide you with a formal bi-weekly summary.

This process can vary between 3 to 6 months.

Need additional help?
Help defining your next move?
Help to transition to a different industry or a different country?
Help with creating a winning cv?
Help to review your interview techniques?
Help to make that first impression a lasting one?

Take a look into our Rebranding Service.


Rebranding Services


When first impressions are often all we have, making the right one is crucial.

Are you a Manager looking for a new challenge?
Are you looking to change industry and/or country?
Are you looking for a promotion?
Have you been working in the same company or same industry and need some help to find the right strategy to make the change you have been dreaming about?

I will work closely with you and assist you in any way you need throughout the process using recruiter’s techniques. Whether you need assistance:

  • To help you define your next steps
  • A strategy to help you transition to different industry, Position or Country
  • Help creating a winning Curriculum Vitae
  • Review, and practice interview techniques
  • Boost in confidence

a) Rebranding Next Career Step

5 Hours dedicated to you to rebrand your CV + LinkedIn + Create your Promotional Pitch: 500€

*this service includes behavioural analysis made by our partner www.Awair.eu.

b) Rebranding Career Coach 

10 Hours of Job Search Coaching: Learn how to conduct your Job Mapping + Contacts building + HeadHunters contact list:  1000€

c) Rebranding Premium Full Package (up fo 100k): Variable Percentage of your annual salary

Rebranding CV + LinkedIn + Create your Promotional Pitch + 10 Hours of Job Search Coaching: Learn how to conduct your Job Mapping and Contacts building + HeadHunters contact list from your industry. I will  send the first introduction/recommendation of your profile to increase trust within direct calls. 

*this service includes behavioural analysis made by Awair.eu.



Novella Bora

Founding Partner & Manager of Novella Bora Consulting, International Executive Recruitment for Middle& Top Executives. Fashion , Textile , FMCG, Wines&Gourmet, Automotive and Heavy Industry are my k- expertizes.

Natural networker, fluent in five languages, extensive experience in Spain, Italy, Brasil, Belgium, passionated by people, expertize in Humain Resources areas, as Talent Acquisition Responsible at Ferrero Company, Associate of Zavala Civitas Search and Partner of Ackermann Beaumont, with more than 15 years of experience in Executive Search, for internationals assignements.

Daniela Felletti

After an atypical and diversified international career path, including studies in Tourism Management, Daniela brings together many skills she acquired during her work life such as several years of experience in HR, Research, Head Hunting Language Coaching in different countries having created an extensive and high qualitative network which allows her to help clients with the recruitment of top performing executives in a global context.

A very analytical and efficient professional, fluent in five languages with a great ability to finding and matching high calibre candidates with clients and their respective requirements, manage all stages of the recruitment process for the client and the candidate she has a multi-faceted search process with a very targeted and meticulous approach through head-hunting & networking. We collaborate with a team of expert Coaches, Mentors, Psychologist to respond to all your needs.

Committed to total Transparency, we Create, Relate and Develop a Network of Excellence with Ethics, Tailor-Made, Lean and Efficient solutions!

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